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Other Project Work


Metal Extrusion

Our portfolio includes:
  • Annual plant repairs and maintenance at client sites;
  • Design and retrofit of new sections;
  • Machining and mechanical fitting of reconditioned parts;
  • Clients both National and International;
We provide:

  1. Coded welding of main cylinders, platens and other pressure components;
  2. Reconditioning and new manufacture of tie rods and nuts, shift cylinders, rams and pistons, container holders and liners, bronze wear pads;
  3. New manufacture of die shuttles and slides, Butt shearing equipment and tooling, main ram cylinders and rams, stems and fixed tooling, billet loaders;
  4. Scheduled plant maintenance and inspections as required;
  5. Service support for all extrusion plant equipment;


Our portfolio includes:
  • Repairs and maintenance of Offshore Installations
    • Structural
      • Retrofit acoustic noise control units;
      • Retrofit rotating mouse hole support;
    • Mechanical
      • Retrofit pod reels disc braking systems;
      • Machining of shear blocks, traction motors, brake bands;
      • Fabrication of On-Shore drilling rig mobilisation equipment

Oil and Gas Refineries

  • Machining and mechanical fitting;
    • Heat exchanger tube bundles
    • Channel heads
    • Pump and valve components
We provide:
  1. Qualified ASME IX welders;
  2. HUET certified personnel for offshore HSE clearances;
  3. Certified machinists and close tolerance machining;
  4. Engineering design and consultancy;

Acoustic Noise Control Enclosures

Design, manufacture and installation of Professional Audiology acoustic hearing centres and sound enclosures for generators, top drives, draw works, traction motors, brake bands and Caterpillar power trains.

  • Acoustically designed enclosures for Professional and Commercial purposes
  • All purpose modular quick fit pattern
  • Robust construction
  • Site assembly and installation


 Audio Booth  Audio Booth
 Professional Audio Booth
 Sound Enclosure  Sound Enclosure
 Diesel Generator Sound Enclosure






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