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Engineering Company in Taranaki

Incorporated in 1992, Pace Engineering Ltd is an experienced, privately owned, mechanical engineering company.

Our well-equipped purpose-built workshops based in Taranaki, the heart of New Zealand’s energy province, offers total engineering services to a broad client base.

These services include:


There is over 2000m2 of workshop space situated on a total of 1.5 hectares of all-weather laydown.

All of our workshops are serviced by 10-tonne gantry cranes (Machine Shop, Projects Shop, and Transport workshop).

Our mobile lifting equipment includes two 4-tonne forklifts, one 12-tonne forklift, three 7-tonne mobile cranes, and a 14-tonne hiab crane truck.

A policy of reinvestment ensures each specialist workshop is resourced with the latest technology.

Most importantly, the policy demonstrates management’s commitment to providing cutting edge technology for more effective methods of streamlining manufacturing and R&M activities.

Supply Partners

The company has easy access to a network of supplier support within a five-kilometer radius of its premises.

Several of our supply partners operate within this radius.   They include Non-Destruct Testing services, mobile crane operators, transport, and logistics services.

We are less than 5 minutes away from key traders such as steel merchants and engineering consumables merchants.

International transport links, such as rail and shipping are also in close proximity to our premises.

In many cases, the Company has enjoyed solid, enduring relationships with its suppliers over a number of years and it is not uncommon to receive on the spot 24/7 service from them during breakdowns or emergencies.


Pace Engineering Ltd has contracts in place to supply engineering services to a diverse range of clientele.   We have formed solid relationships over the years from large multi-national organizations to smaller specialist service companies throughout New Zealand, Australia, and the South Pacific.

Our customers will be found operating in various industry sectors such as coal mining, quarrying, petrochemical installations, oil and gas exploration, drilling contractors, aluminum extrusion manufacturers, and local body water treatment, and wastewater authorities.

In collaboration with our client’s needs, Pace has created specialist engineering support for a number of these organizations.

Significant investment has been undertaken to upgrade equipment and retain loyal, experienced, and knowledgeable tradesmen to maintain the confidence of our valued client base.

So don’t hesitate to pick up the phone today.   You could be one of our valued clients by just pushing a button; it’s that easy!   And between us, we will find an answer that best meets your budget, your timelines, and your requirements.


Pace Engineering Ltd maintains a robust compliance system for both simple and complex projects as necessary.   These procedures include:

  • coded welding procedures
  • qualified welders
  • independent inspection services
  • quality control task management
  • quality assurance reports
  • contract management
  • project management
  • impeccable safety records

We comply with the HSWE Act: 2015 to create a safe, healthy, and friendly workplace.   As a result, the Company has an excellent safety record with a very low rate of injury frequencies.   All LTI’s are closely monitored with WorkSafe approved systems.

The business is accredited with A Telarc Q-Base quality management system that is certified to ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Let’s talk!

We provide value effective engineering methods without compromising quality and we are well aware of downtime costs to industry.   We always welcome the opportunity to provide a solution to your next project and our assurance of a satisfied outcome.   We look forward to hearing from you.

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