Texas Bridge Rails

Texas Bridge Rails


Specification for Traffic Railing Type T80HT Figure A-9 Type T80HT

32-inch-high concrete F-shaped parapet with elliptical steel or rectangular HSS railing mounted 18 inches above the concrete. Posts are twin steel plates and are spaced a maximum of 8.33 ft. apart.


Evaluated and approved for MASH TL-5. It is derived from the Type HT railing which was crash-tested in 1984 with an 80,000-lb. semi-truck at 48 mph and at an angle of impact of 15 degrees. The Type HT was approved for TL-5 use after evaluation of results from the 1984 crash testing.

Texas Safety Rail Barriers that meet NZTA regulations fabricated and installed by Pace Engineering Ltd.

Elliptical formed tubing to 203 x 124 rolled from 168 OD x 7.1 WT pipe.



  • NZTA approve for Whirokino Bridge project
  • Pace awarded 1.6Km bridge safety rail barriers
  • Roll-formed round pipe to 203 x 124 ellipse
  • Elliptical inner sleeve to NZTA tolerance 3.2mm
  • M24 cast in anchors and HSFG nuts and washers
  • Meets NZTA specifications for safety standards
  • HDG 900 coating thickness AS/NZS4680 +125m


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